Wandin North is a new up and coming suburb of Melbourne, and for good reason! With its hilly terrain, beautiful parks, top notch cafes, and wineries, it is an ideal place to raise a family. It’s a very affordable place to by a house, especially for being only an hour to the city. So let’s learn more about this area.

Wandin North is 41k from MelbourneSummary

Wandin North is located 41km from Melbourne city, roughly an hours drive. It’s commutable to the CBD and a perfect distance for a day trip. You won’t need to go far though to find things to do. Pick cherries, frolic through lavender fields, taste some wine, visit the spa, and participate in one of many family friendly festivals! Most people in Wandin North own their home instead of rent, but the steadily decreasing number of home owners indicates that this place is a hot commodity.


Wandin North is approximately 8 square kilometers. It has six official parks covering nearly 1% of total area, but with so many hills, trees, wild flowers, and open spaces, it feels like more.


In 2006 there were 2,596 people living in Wandin North, but by 2011 the population was 2,914, showing a population growth of 12.2%. People must like to live there with such an increase. The population is still on the smaller side though, leaving plenty of space for you and your family. Most people who live there are kids under 14, so if you are starting a family or have young kids, you will fit right in. It is also a quiet, pretty place for retirement.

Houses for sale

To own a house, you are looking at somewhere in the ballpark of $1800 – $2400 per month on mortgage repayments. Of course this can be higher or lower depending on your house and loan details.

Wandin North $1800 - $2400 per month on mortgage repayments

House prices

house prices are between 490k and 680k in Wandin North

Affordable houses, quiet of a suburb but close proximity to the city, a strong community, and beauty are all of the things you can expect to find in Wandin North. If you’d like to kickstart your journey to home ownership, get in touch!


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