Bills aren’t fun, you already knew that! But did you know that you could be spending more than you need to on them? As if they could get any worse! If you pay for services and utilities such as gas, electricity, phone, internet, pay tv etc. there may be cheaper providers out there or discounts you’re missing out on.

According to the Victorian Energy Market Update, 78% of small business energy users found a cheaper plan after comparing rates, while 89% of residential customers were eligible for further savings. To ensure you’re spending those hard-earned dollars wisely, you should consider reassessing your household expenses. Savvy money managers review their household expenses at least once a year for this exact reason. It’s a time consuming and often frustrating task that no one likes doing, but the saving potential of this task will make it worth your while.

With decades of experience in the finance industry, we know how overpaying on your bills by even the slightest amount can rack up quite the loss over time. This has you filling the pockets of big businesses and emptying your own, but for what? Just like personal or business loans, household expenses shouldn’t be a set and forget scenario, you wouldn’t settle for the highest interest rate out of convenience. Revisiting your provider and comparing the ever changing prices is of high benefit to you, the proof is in the stats.

Luckily the journey to utility comparison isn’t a hard one! The teams at Helix Planning and SFE Loans have made it even easier for you to understand whether what you’re paying is normal, too much or a golden opportunity, with our free Connect service. Our SFE Loans Connect service allows you to compare household service providers through a super easy and free process- minus the sales pitch.

So, why should you compare household service providers?

  • Save yourself money!
  • Connect to new service providers
  • Gain insight into current pricing and offers
  • Save yourself time and hassle

If you’re interested in minimising the amount you spend on bills (and why wouldn’t you be) jump onto the SFE Loans Connect page on our website and follow the easy 3 step process to compare your utilities and services, you won’t regret it!