If you’re looking for a home loan but are inexperienced with finance brokers, attending your first appointment with SFE Loans can be a nervous experience. Getting a home loan, after all, can be quite complex for a first-timer. There are lots of brokers around and there is a lot to learn. But there are many steps you can take to be confident that your appointment will be a success.

A good starting point is to familiarise yourself with the expectations of the first appointment between SFE Loans and yourself. It is very likely we will ask you about:

  • Your medium and long-term finance goals
  • The amount you want to borrow
  • Comparisons of your home loan options and your understanding of the fees
  • Costs and conditions attached to home loans

Knowing the direction the appointment will likely take lets you participate more actively in the conversation. This means you can better articulate your needs us.

It’s also recommended that you give some consideration before the meeting to the types of questions you wish to ask us. Questions that can be of use include such things as loan types (such as term, repayment options and interest rate types), the types of ongoing fees attached to various loans (such as early exit, late payment, break and redraw fees) and the typical time frame for a loan settlement.

These questions might pop into your head spontaneously during the meeting but preparing them in advance is a good way to refine them. By doing so, you are in a position to get more specific information from SFE Loans.

It is common practice and required by law, for us to conduct a needs assessment prior to your face-to-face appointment – so you may be asked some pre-appointment questions by one of our team.  To assist in answering these, you’ll need to supply information about your employment history, assets and expenses.

At the appointment it will save you time and effort to prepare and then bring the required documentation with you. This can include ID, transaction histories, tax returns, rental income statements and borrowing documents such as “contract of sale” and proof that you have the deposit for a property. It’s mandatory for brokers to maintain the confidentiality of information that you provide to them and only pass on information necessary to enable them to lodge your loan application or where required by law.

SFE Loans are a PLAN Australia and MFAA accredited broker, meaning we follow high practice standards. As we are accredited, you can approach the meeting knowing we are appropriately educated, adhere to a strict and professional code of practice and are authorised to access a large range of products offered by a variety of lenders.