Home & Investment Loans

When you get a loan to buy your first home, it’s like visiting a foreign country. You feel a bit disorientated and everyone around you is speaking a different language, with terms like ‘amortisation period’ and ‘Max LVR.’ Fear not – SFE Loans are experienced guides, here to help you navigate the territory of loans and mortgages with ease. We translate the jargon and filter out the fluff to facilitate a loan that works for you. Then, we teach you how to pay it off faster.

Personal Loans

Need a new set of wheels? An injection of funds for a foray overseas? Whatever the circumstances, we’ll make sure you’re not being sold a lemon by a dodgy finance dealer, or getting in over your head with ridiculous repayments. With the guidance of the team at SFE Loans, you can enter into agreements with confidence and clarity, never signing on a dotted line without knowing exactly what you’re doing.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

If you’re looking for smart strategy and assured advice about loans for your self-managed super fund, SFE Loans are your people. With our streamlined service and commitment to keeping it all fuss-free for you, the SFE Loans team are the pick of the bunch if you’re contemplating self-managed super, or simply preparing for your perfect retirement.

Business Loans

Whether you need short-term finance to manage cash flow, or long term finance to help your business grow, we’ll find the right arrangement for you. We talk shop with business bankers on your behalf, taking the stress from the situation and handling all the negotiation. We’ve had extensive experience with finance for both small setups and big businesses and we’re stubborn when it comes to securing the best terms in this sector.

Asset & Equipment Finance

The right equipment and assets are essential for the growth of your business. We’ll help you make decisions that are viable in both the short and long-term, ultimately supporting your prosperity. Make sound strategic lending choices now to help guarantee the success of your business in the future.

Investment Loans

If you’re considering adding a property to your portfolio or venturing into investing for the first time, we’ll help you make the right moves. From rental returns to interest rates and loan-to-valuation ratios, our investment lending advice will cover all the bases you need to make every investment a wise one.

Commercial Loans

Applying for a commercial loan is a complex undertaking, so it’s worthwhile getting confident and competent guidance. The SFE Loans team will negotiate with their network of loan providers to secure you the best terms, with flexible conditions and competitive rates*.

*A fee for advice may apply.