For growth and success in business you need the right equipment! Get your hands on the assets and equipment you need, without sacrificing healthy cash flow and working capital.


We know navigating asset and equipment finance can be complicated. That’s why we get to know your business, objectives and financial situation. We’ll then present you with clear options to ensure you make a well-informed decision and the outcome is the best one for you. Make your finance decisions with confidence knowing SFE Loans are on your side!

SFE Loans can assist you with finance options on new and used assets including:

  • Trucks and Trailers
  • Agricultural and Farming Machinery
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Business and Office Equipment
  • Motor Vehicles 
  • Internal Fit Outs
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Plant
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Get the tools, vehicles and machinery your business needs with equipment finance that suits your financial situation.

Different types of equipment finance available include:

Equipment Loan/Chattel Mortgage

A popular method of financing equipment is an equipment loan or chattel mortgage, which is where the lender gives you the cash to purchase the equipment. The lender then uses the equipment as security for the money you are borrowing from them. You own the piece of equipment and are not subject to any restrictions on how to use it.

Hire-Purchase Agreement

In a hire-purchase agreement, a contract is drawn up to purchase equipment over time from a lender. This means you don’t own the equipment while making the payments, but you are entitled to use it during the agreement period. When you make the last payment, ownership is then transferred to you. They may include deposits upfront, reducing repayment amounts and increasing ‘balloon’ payments at the end, and the ability to return the asset to the lender during the agreement period if it is no longer required.

Lease Agreement

A lease agreement allows you to ‘lease’ the equipment from the lender by paying a regular ‘rental fee’. Unlike a hire-purchase agreement, you may not automatically own it at the end of the repayment period. Depending on the terms of your agreement, you may have the option of purchasing the equipment at its depreciated value, extending the lease period or returning the equipment.

Business Coaching

If you’re looking for something more than just a loan, our Head Honcho Sarah can also assist you with her business advisory venture Helix Planning. There she can assist you with business goals and direction, accountability, solving immediate business issues and planning for the future!