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SFE Loans is headed up by Sarah Eifermann, a mortgage planning professional with over eighteen years of experience in money mastery. Sarah started SFE Loans to spread her own brand of no-nonsense mortgage and lending wisdom through her hometown of Melbourne, dispelling the myth that brokers are all spin and no substance.

Under Sarah’s stewardship, SFE Loans has evolved beyond a traditional practice and into a team of professionals delivering high-quality customer care. We are mentors and matchmakers, connecting the dots between customers and creditors with sound advice, expert insight and a view to the long-term compatibility of your loan with your life.

The SFE Loans team will listen to you. They’ll run interference between you and the loan providers, whenever you need it. But, most importantly, they’ll empower you to understand and command your own financial future.

An advisor is good, but an advocate and ally is even better.



Kudos Money is a collective of finance brokers who don’t settle for the run-of-the-mill. Kudos clients receive variety in choice in lenders AND brokers to ensure you get the perfect fit and a personalised experience that exceeds your expectations.

As a member of Kudos Money, SFE Loans has the opportunity to learn from and be a part of a group of experienced finance brokers, take part in the latest industry training and upskilling, and have access to market leading software. All residential loans through SFE will be taken care of under the Kudos Money brand.

So while you may not always deal with Sarah Eifermann directly, as a director of both SFE Loans and Kudos Money you can be sure she’s actively working behind the scenes of your loan. In other words you can be sure you’re in good hands!

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At SFE Loans, we don’t operate in a bubble.

We’re proud of the community we call home, and the relationships we’ve built with other businesses, neighbours and friendly locals in our stomping ground of Briar Hill, Montmorency and surrounds.

In the past, we’ve sponsored the Montmorency Football Club and Sarah has been on the committee of the Nillumbik Business Network. We’re always looking for opportunities to chat and connect with other organisations or community groups. If you’re in the local area and you’d like to talk to the SFE Loans team about linking up, get in touch!

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